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Salam and hi to all readers. I will share to you guys on how I have applied Erasmus+ Application for University Politecnica Catalunya, Barcelona. My home university, UniKL Business School announced on Erasmus+ Program by UPC recently. Students who want to apply for Erasmus+ need to have at least CGPA 3.00 and above. Monthly allowance will be given as well (800 Euro) which is quite awesome.
Erasmus+ scholarship grant is not easy to obtain. Only selected students will be chosen from so manyyyy applicants.
Erasmus+ application steps :
  1. Download learning agreement (outbound)
  2. Download application (outbound)
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Motivation Letter
  5. Copy of Passport
  6. Semester Results/ Transcript
You guys need to download no. 1 and 2 at Other than that, you need to prepare your CV and motivation letter. Motivation letter templates or samples can be obtained from the internet. However, in order for you to stand out among the rest of the applicants is the credibility of your motivation letter.
You will need verification (signature) from Head Of Section and ISEM Coordinator.
Please bear in mind that you need to obtain those signatures earlier as you need to submit those forms before the due date given by UniKL International Office (UIO). My best advice is to set up appointment with HOS and ISEM Coordinator before you want to meet them.
  • Simple
  • Approximately 2-3 pages
  • Standardized : No fancy fonts used

You can download or preview the samples of motivation letter as your reference in doing your own Motivation Letter. But pleaseeeeeee DO NOT COPY AND PASTE exactly as it is. You need to write it in your own way whereby you can include personal experience, involvement in campus activities and etc. Make the motivation letter readable and unique so that UPC will select you!
Don't ever forget to photocopy your passport and put it together with your other documents.
You can request your transcript at administration department (Level 8, Yayasan Selangor). The transcript can be collected after 3 days upon the requested date. Jangan lupa request awal2 ye!
I applied for Exchange Program at UPC instead of internship placement.I have another 3 semesters left (1 short semester and 2 long semesters) so I can't applied for internship. At first, I thought the application process would be easy. But, it turned out the other way round. I had difficulties in choosing subjects that I need to take at the host university (UPC). Haaaaa kalut nak pilih subjects dan serabut nak pikir dan nk pilih subjects ape. Huuuu.
I did managed to choose subjects that I thought suitable enough for me. So yeah. I sent my application forms at UniKL City Campus (also known as UniKL MIIT) and got my documents checked by the UIO Officer. Thank you so much to Encik Sufiza for helping me out through out the way!
Last but not least, make sure you put all those documents that you need to submit in an envelope. So that you won't miss a thing.
Good luck for those who have applied for Erasmus+!

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  2. hi dear fatin, congratulation and good luck. all the best! Hee send my regard to your new friends there ( yg handsome2 ye). Hmm I've been reading your post and im stuck. Syadya kena alert dengan announcement dari page fb unikl uio ye? kalau macam kes syadya bole buat internship kat luar kn? selalu dorang update bile ea? lots of love dari kami di Malaysia. Maaf still blur walau entri Fatin da cover A-z. sorry

    1. Hiii Syadyyyy. Ohmaiiii you hv dropped a comment in my blog. Yayy!Maybe sekarang Syady xnampak sgt sebab blum apply lagi. Once nak apply, Syady akan nampak betapa entri Atin tu sgt membantu.First, kena like page official UIO. Stay alert dgn announcement.

      Syady intern bln Feb taun dpn ke jun? Normally, uio akan update dalam bln 10 atau 11 bergantung kepada UIO.

      Best of luck! Meriahkan UBIS di perantauan. Hehe.

  3. Salam HI, so did you get the erasmus programme? and how long was it take for the slection process to give their result? huhu.. I have applied but currently no reply yet.

    1. Wslm and hi there Mira. I got the Erasmus+ programme (Poland). Basically, Erasmus+ in Spain is specifically for Engineering students and not for Business students. May I know which UniKL are you from? For Erasmus+ Spain, the result may takes a longer time but don't worry. You will have sufficient time to apply for your Visa.

  4. Im from IIUM, its been 3weeks. Im scafed for he fact that i didnt rewuest for passport copy and so i didnt send it like you did.


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