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Salam and hi. Unexpected thing does happen in real life. Group assignments banyak yang not settle yet, prepare career fair event and I admit that my life is getting busier than ever. Semester January 2016 agak tough for me. Group assignments kebanyakannya random saja. So kalau dapat yang free riders or jenis yang tak faham2 fungsi masing2 dalam group tuu yang sebenarnya susah. Cooperation is very important. If no cooperation, maka agak sakit kepala nak settlekan group assignments. It's normal sometimes tetiba kita akan rasa penat or even down. Tetiba rasa nak check email just in case if my groupmates already sent their drafts. Then, I opened up my email and dapat 1 new mail. 

Misi ke Europe tercapai jugak! Yayy ;)

Reaction 1 : Eh betul ke ni dapat pegi Poland?

Reaction 2 : Syukur Alhamdulillah. I finally made it! :D

2 weeks after UIO's phone interview, Fatin dapat email dekat atas ni. Mana tak terkejutnya sebab Fatin expected the result will be known in the end of May. On 13th May, I received the acceptance letter from Kozminski University. Haaa baru lega sebab da officially dapat acceptance letter. Officially accepted!

Menunggu surat cinta from Kozminski University di'reply' akhirnya . Hee

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