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For today's post, I will explain further on ISEM.
What is ISEM? ISEM stands for International Student Exchange Mobility.
So.. apa beza between ISEM and Erasmus+? Well, banyak beza. But basically dua2 ni berkaitrapat dengan exchange program. Hee^^
You guys can get more specific details on ISEM through the link below:

 1. For those who have CGPA 3.75 and above:
    applicable for financial assistance from MARA.
       2. For those who have CGPA 3.00 and above are applicable for ISEM too; however, yang ni MARA xsponsored. Self-sponsored ONLY.

             3. Students can choose which university that suits them the best. 
I would suggest that you guys google a bit on that particular university that you want to enroll. 

For instance, I chose IE University, Spain as it is one of the top business universities in Europe. The university has so much to offer that I really reallyyyy wanna go there. But at the end of the day, MARA yang akan buat keputusan on which uni you will go. I took the risk by applied for both ISEM and Erasmus+. 
Basically, both applications (two different universities : IE University and UPC) dekat Europe. Memang hati ni teringin nak pergi Europe since awal tahun ni. 

                   4. For students who are currently in semester 5 and above, you might want to apply for ISEM for January 2017 mobility. Why not give it a try? Cause you ain't got nothing to lose anyway. Try your luck. You might be that lucky person chosen by UIO.

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