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Salam and hi to all viewers. If you have read my previous post on Erasmus+ Application, I bet you guys must be wondering apa jadi after I have sent my applications. All I need to do is wait. Wait for the phone interview.

Lebih kurang 2 weeks after I sent the applications, I received a call from UIO. Memang terkejut sebab dapat call tu masa Friday night. The phone interview was awesomeeeeee! The Director of UIO said that a lot of applicants applied for UPC (Erasmus+). She said UPC will not select any students from UniKL Business School. Masa memula dengar tu sedih! I thought of (okayyy...takde rezeki nak ke Europe. Never mind lahh)... I said it's okay nak buat macam mana and only then..

"Takpe Fatin, we want to offer you another project (Erasmus+ jugak). "

Erasmus+ yang UIO told me memang khas untuk Business students. Erasmus+ in Poland. She asked me if it's okay if she wants to nominate my name untuk program sana. I am totally okay with it. I'm super duper excited. Masih ada harapan nak ke Europe.

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  1. may I know what are other questions the interviewer asked?

    1. Hi there mira. Basically, the director of UIO will contact you for phone interview. Basic questions:
      1. Okay tak kalau apply Spain tapi dapat negara lain (Poland/Netherland/etc)?
      2. Kalau subjects taken dekat sana tak semuanya matching dengan apa yang kita ambil dekat Unikl, is it okay for you? (isu transfer kredit)
      3. Basically, the interviewer just want to get to know you better in person. She also informed that you have been shortlisted for the programme.


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